• The quality system will ensure that we will meet the needs, purpose and expectations of all our customers and comply with all the specifications required of us
  • “We believe that we are all responsible for quality”. This brief enforces our commitment to providing our customers with continuous improvements to our services
  • Safe working practices and the safety of equipment is critical to the company’s services
  • The service will comply with all applicable statutory instruments, codes of practice and relevant standards,
  • The directors will ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and will organize the necessary training to do this,
  • The directors will ensure that quality objectives are set and reviewed,
  • Our employees work with customers to provide a quality service that meets or exceeds their expectations, including those projects that may be difficult or undesirable by our competitors,
  • A review of the quality system, including this policy, will be carried out at least annually.


We believe that one of the main factors towards our success will be our
operatives. Having the right personnel with the right skills, work ethic and attitude is essential to the growth of our business.
We embrace continuous improvement. learning new skills and coming forward with new ideas is actively encouraged, this helps our team members to be
forward thinking when dealing with daily challenges, empowering them to help both the company and themselves succeed.
This in turn provides a healthier working environment, work flow, and standard of workmanship which we can pass on to our clients.